We include the cost of taxes and duties in your order, so you won’t need to pay any additional fees.

If you are ordering from within your own customs zone or region, import duties will not be applicable however you may need to pay VAT or local sales taxes.

Yes! The Blacky’s Menswear Online team makes sure your order reaches you on time and in excellent condition! If you have any concerns we’ll be more than happy to help you.

Postal Package in CYPRUS :


Post Office Package to EUROPE and Russia:

Is only 9 euro
For purchases over 150 euro is FREE !!!!!!

Prices for Courier Shipping?

Min Max Cost per Order
grams grams in Euro
001 500 27
500 999 35
1000 1490 45
1500 1999 55
2000 2499 64
2500 2990 73
3000 3499 80
3500 3999 88
4000 4499 95
4500 4990 103

All  products come shipped in a Postal Package box.

All our Products are manufactured in Europe and come from our warehouse in Cyprus (European Union).

If you’re in Cyprus, 48 hours

If you’re in Europe, 14 – 16 business days

In Russia, 15 – 20 business days

Simple! We will send you a tracking number for your reference. Simply enter this tracking number on the page “Track your order” and receive the updated status of your order.